Lovingly Partners Reveal the ‘Craziest’ Reasons for Flowers

We can all agree that sending flowers is one of the best ways to let someone know you care.

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday’s, anniversaries, or the all-time favorite, “I’m sorry for messing up,” are all suitable moments in life when sending flowers is perfectly appropriate. 

And then we have what we suppose you could call extra special occasions…

We’re talking about some of the wildest things our local partner florists have seen on the job.

Local Florist Comes to the Rescue!

Selena from Wishing Well Flowers saved the day with a last minute bridal bouquet!

All the Gory Details!

Mom’s really do it all.

We’re sure Micheal from Flowers by Pat got a good laugh out of this one.  

Left Out in the Cold

Anyone happen to see someone sleeping on a park bench? 

Deniss from Capilano Grower Direct helped someone say “I’m sorry” for a rough (and probably cold) night. 

Vengeance is Sweet

Talk about sweet, sweet vengeance…

She was seeing red and had a blazing message to send!

A 50th Birthday Gag-Gift

Julie from Precious Petals in San Diego helped deliver dying flowers (on purpose) to make a gag joke come to life.

A huge hit!

Talk About True Love

Get your kleenex out, Olivia from Limón Floral & Gifts​ made the impossible possible… sending flowers from the other side of the rainbow.

You Can Never Be Too Careful...

Summer from Marvel Floral Art delivering a public safety announcement that hopefully came in handy.

This One Had to Hurt

Flowers can be the beginning of something or, well the end…

Marge from Country Hills Flowers in Calgary, AB had to be the bearer of bad news on this one.

Shoot Your Shot!

I mean we all love getting flowers.. but probably not what Shannon from Flowers by Design Windsor in Windsor, ON had in mind.

Talk About Dedication

Can you fill in the blanks!?

Carmela from Thoughtful Gifts and Flowers in Woodbridge, ON witnessed someone truly betting on love.

Not Safe for Work

You really see it ALL when you are a florist…whether you want to or not.

Any guesses on what the “rejuvenation procedure” was?

David from Bouquets N Things in Easton, PA sure has a story to tell!


Honesty is the Best Policy

It’s good to know your strengths and weaknesses, folks!

Lori from Nebraska City Florist in Nebraska City, NE created a flower arrangement for a straight shooter who knew he messed up and flowers were the only solution.

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