Streamline and Save Time with Lovingly SuperTickets

Make handwriting enclosure cards a thing of the past.

Too many florists waste time with tedious workflows.

Tired of digging through workbooks to find arrangement recipes?

Getting daily hand cramps from writing hundreds of card messages?

Sick of companies trying to sell you special printers and equipment?

There must be a better way.

That’s why we offer Lovingly SuperTickets.

Our letter-sized, perforated SuperTickets are compatible with nearly any printer, and include all the order information you need.

So you can stop wasting time handwriting card messages and hunting for recipes, and spend more time doing what you love.

“I am left handed and hated writing message cards. Lovingly's SuperTicket paper prints orders beautifully and ensures the outside of my left pinky finger is ink free!”

About Lovingly SuperTickets

Order SuperTickets

Easily order online for US delivery or with WaterDale in Canada.

Save Time

No need to get hand cramps or hire extra holiday staff just to write cards.

Go Home Early!

Enjoy having the tedious work done for you!


You can configure SuperTickets to print automatically each time you get a new Lovingly Store order, or you can manually print SuperTickets as needed.

SuperTickets include the full arrangement recipe for each order, so you can streamline your workflow — no need to run to the computer or workbook.

Card messages from Lovingly orders print neatly onto a tri-fold enclosure card, ready to go. Plus, each card includes your shop name and website to promote your brand.

Each delivery slip includes an address map along with a confirmation signature area. Funeral orders include information about viewing times and more.

Yes! Lovingly SuperTickets are letter-sized, so they don’t need any special printers or paper trays. If you have a laser or inkjet printer, they should work just fine for you.

Yes! Our SuperTickets make it super easy for your delivery drivers to get signatures.  

Yes—both the message and emojis will print beautifully on the SuperTicket! No need to waste time transcribing message, or worry about how to draw 💩.

Lovingly Thanks! makes it easy for recipients to send a heartfelt “thank you,” along with a photo (selfie time!) to the gift sender. When you use Lovingly SuperTickets, a QR code will print on the delivery slip. The recipient can scan this code to send their message!

They can also share their photo on social media, which includes a shout-out to your shop and a link to your website.

Plus, when a recipient uses the Thanks! feature, it automatically marks the order as delivered in your Lovingly Account. Less work for you!

Streamline your workflow. Save your fingers!

Order your SuperTickets now to see what they can do for your business.