A POS Designed for Florists

Simplify your day-to-day with our user-friendly, cloud-based POS.

How it Works

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Enter Your Orders

Easily find existing customers or add new ones, and enter orders for pick-up or local delivery.

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Suggest and Upsell

See thoughtful card message suggestions and get reminded to offer add-ons.

Print and Save Time

Convenient SuperTickets include all the order details, including the recipe and card message.

Walkthrough Lovingly POS

Free for Partners, no monthly fees, and easy to use!

Save time and money, while eliminating the need for expensive hardware with Lovingly POS.

Business as usual has never been easier with our user-friendly, cloud-based POS.

Process all your orders in one convenient, secure, and organized place—no monthly payments, no old outdated equipment.

Florists deserve an affordable, easy-to-use POS made for them.

That’s why we built Lovingly POS.

  • No monthly fees
  • Unlimited workstations
  • A simple, streamlined design
  • Cloud-based system gives you access to all of your customer data from wherever you are
  • Save time and increase productivity with Draft Mode, Coupon Codes in Checkout, In-Store Only Products, and Contact Look-Up

Plus, take handwriting card messages out of the equation with integrated SuperTicket printing, including:

  • Perforated card message area
  • All order information in one print out
  • Social sharing post-delivery via Lovingly Thanks! Feature
  • Your store logo promoted on the print out

Lovingly POS is included for Partners, FREE. You only pay 2.9% plus $.30 for credit card orders.

Ready to start saving time and money?

"Lovingly POS is my main source of productivity—it has made my day to day operations more efficient!"


For Lovingly Partners, the Lovingly POS is FREE—no monthly charge, no commission, no contract, no strings attached.

The processing fee for credit card orders is a competitive 2.9% + 30¢ per order. Cash orders are 100% free!

No! Lovingly POS is designed to work on any computer you already have in your store.

No! Lovingly POS is cloud-based and free to use on as many computers as you need, no additional cost whatsoever.

No! If you’re already a Lovingly partner and set up to print order notifications, you’re all set. The Lovingly POS is already available via your Lovingly Account—just head to the New Order form to get started.

Yes! You can easily enter orders from anywhere in your store by logging into your account on your tablet.

After you submit the payment information for a new POS order, you’ll see a pop-up with your printing options. You can print customer receipts, order notifications, and SuperTickets—just select the options you’d like to print.

Yes! All of the information except for the customer’s credit card is saved. The next time they order from you, you’ll be able to enter their previously-used delivery and billing addresses with one click!

Florists deserve an easy to use Point of Sale built just for them.

Ready to start seeing the benefits of Lovingly POS?