Why Mentorship Matters and How It Impacts Your Business

Education and a growth mindset MATTER!

Find out how education will increase the value of your product—every time.

If there's one place education should never be, it's on the back burner.

The Value of Education and Building a Growth Mindset

Educating both your employees and yourself can make a huge difference in the level of professionalism, employee engagement, and productivity you see inside of your organization.

Employee training and development programs are essential to the success of every business. 

Pro Tip: The success of your employees directly impacts the success of your business! Putting time and money into your staff is key.

Not only can offering these types of programs offer opportunities for your staff to improve their skills, but it can also give a renewed sense of purpose that enhances employee productivity and company culture. Overall, ensuring your business is a great place to be for everyone.

“It’s no surprise that employees who get regular opportunities to learn, develop, and advance are more likely to stay with a company.” Bob Nelson, author of “1,001 Ways to Engage Employees,” reports that learning and development are among the top factors in employee engagement.” 

Laurie Lemek of Floral Balance honors this principle in her local floral business. She teaches all of her employees how to do a multitude of things outside of their job description. Her delivery drivers know how to process flowers and take orders if they have to and are always monetarily rewarded for putting in the work to expand their skill set. 

Observing the people around you and giving your employees opportunities to show you what they’re capable of can set you and your staff apart from all the rest.

Educating yourself is also a key component in running any successful business! As human beings, we’re never done learning. There will always be something you don’t know, trends you need to freshen up on, etc.

 Networking and broadening your own skill sets will help you thrive and give you the tools you need to grow your business beyond what you ever thought was possible. (Plus, it also doesn’t hurt to know you’re not alone on this wild ride, right?) 

Respect Your Employees and Lead By Example

As a business owner–lead by example. Having a good attitude and being excited about opening your doors every day is a necessity. Your employees are going to follow the examples that you set. 

Everyone benefits from a positive mindset and a good attitude, right? 

Treat your employees as an extension of yourself and keep everyone involved. No one on any team is more important than another, that’s the whole point of being a team! We didn’t want to say it…but there’s no “I” in team, and we all know it!

Ensuring that everyone feels important and valued will keep motivation and productivity at an all-time high. Protect your team! 

Find & Respect the Strengths of Your Employees and Fertilize That into a Respectful, Positive Working Environment

The Payoff? Loyal Customers & A Better Bottom Line

For us here at Lovingly, our new Flower Tracker feature is a perfect example of observing your customer base, analyzing what they want, and delivering. 

Flower Tracker gives our Florist Partners a way to keep their customers in the loop every step of the way. Our Partners can now upload In-Transit and Delivery photos that are sent directly to the customer. Customers can now see the arrangement they’ve purchased before it heads out for delivery and the moment it’s delivered to their recipient’s doorstep. 

Did you know: Bringing customers along for the order journey improves loyalty and margin?

  • 87% say that real-time order tracking made their buying experience more enjoyable
  • 69% say order tracking is one of their top three buying considerations
  • 59% say that real-time customer order tracking has a positive impact on their brand loyalty.

By effectively prioritizing and efficiently communicating with your customers, you can easily manage their expectations and deliver the product they’re anticipating.

Get Ready to Transform Your Business

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