Lovingly Acquires Flowers of Charlotte and Charlotte Flower Market

A Seamless Transition During the Busiest Time of the Year

Lovingly, a leading ecommerce solutions provider for retail florists, has acquired Flowers of Charlotte and its wholesale operation, Charlotte Flower Market. The acquisition was finalized in the first week of February, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the biggest time of year for the floral industry.

Flowers of Charlotte, founded by Shelly Hagan in 2005, has been a long-time partner of Lovingly for ecommerce solutions. Hagan praised Lovingly for its support and online services, which enabled her to grow the offline business into what it is today. She added that the decision to sell the business was the right choice, and Lovingly was the perfect buyer.

Lovingly has acquired the entire Charlotte floral operation, including all 27 employees, ensuring zero service disruptions. The acquisition has been completely seamless for Valentine’s Day, wedding clients, online business, and otherwise.

Lovingly Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Joe Vega and Chief of Staff, Daniela Marquez making deliveries in Charlotte.

Lovingly co-founders and co-CEOs, Joe Vega and Ken Garland, as well as other senior leaders, have been in Charlotte for weeks, working alongside the Flowers of Charlotte and Charlotte Flower Market teams, accepting big deliveries, processing flowers, and even learning how to design arrangements. They said that the acquisition will help guide their online ecommerce gifting technology and services to benefit all their florist partners.

Daniela Marquez delivering Valentine's Day love to a local Charlotte hospital.

The acquisition is a significant move for Lovingly, as it provides deeper insight into the offline part of the business. They aim to continue supporting florists with this deeper knowledge and help them thrive online.

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