Leading Change for a Better, Just, and Inclusive Future

Leading Change for a Better, Just, and Inclusive Future

As many of you are aware, Lovingly was founded by two black and latino immigrants twelve years ago with nothing but a dream. We faced many obstacles and have experienced firsthand the racism, economic inequality, and social injustices that people are protesting now. We stand strongly against the unequal treatment of people of color and the unnecessary deaths of African Americans across this nation. Violence, racism, inequality, and oppression must end now.

We recognize that as a minority-owned business, Lovingly is in a unique position to make meaningful impacts in underserved communities of color right in our own backyard. It’s our collective responsibility to address this injustice and to recognize that we are all accountable. 

The events over the last several weeks have further highlighted that action is desperately needed now, and Lovingly will be taking this much-needed action. We will further strengthen our relationships with local organizations that work to end social and economic inequality. We will work together with our employees to create a committee that empowers them to take action and bring about positive change. We will also match any charitable donations made by our employees to non-profit organizations that fight against racial inequality.

Please join us in leading change for a better, just, and inclusive future.


Ken Garland & Joe Vega

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